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Lasernet at a glance

lasernet does the programming in SSRS at the Creation of reports from Dynamics 365 F&O superfluous. Drag-and-drop functionality allows users to quickly create, modify, control, distribute and archive content-rich, branded documentations across the enterprise (regardless of size) for the printing and the electronic distribution.

Whether on-site, hybrid or in the cloud - Lasernet is for all Dynamics 365 versions available and gives you the peace of mind that you are prepared for the future. Lasernet uses advanced cloud technology to overcome printer configuration issues. Lasernet can control any printer, even if the printer is not directly accessible.

Lasernet offers the possibility of many different output channels such as paper, email, fax, XML, UBL and PDF. With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 controlled document distribution, customer "A" can receive a printed document while customer "B" has one attached to an email PDF file received - all at the push of a button.

Through the generation of documents from F&O, CE, BC and more, Lasernet offers you a central one Azure enabled tool for the design. By collecting data from all areas seamlessly adopt from Dynamics, you can have your invoice sales data generated from the financial system. Everything is controlled centrally to ensure consistency

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We have the solution for you

Taking the utilities industry as an example,  is a highly competitive environment and as trends change rapidly, companies need to adapt quickly needs of businesses and consumers respond. To with it keep up, the technology required to run these organizations has changed and standardization is becoming more and more key message. The use of Lasernet in this environment ensures that efficiency gains and standards now and in Future can be fulfilled.

The deployment clear standard documentation in the right format for customers and clients is key. Combined with corporate branding and marketing opportunities, it is important to ensure that the underlying system can do the same - Lasernet certainly can!

With his roots in manufacturing over the years, Lasernet has many small, medium and large companie sefficiency delivered. Whether it is the requirement to generate any type of barcode on any type of document, or a Label on a printer and the packing list to print on another at the same time, Lasernet can deliver.

From the smallest to the largest printer, from thermal printer until matrix printer and even a simple one Desktop Laser Printer Lasernet can control your requirements and printers in such a way that all their options be fully exploited. The delivery of documents to customers and suppliers, even from older legacy solutions, enables you to migration to new technology, while you continue the Advantages years of stability with your ERP.

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Lasernet Output Management

Lasernet Output Management offers the possibility to easily meet different customer requirements for business documents. Create and distribute business documents in any format (Email, Fax, PDF, PDF/A, EDI, XML, JSON, iDoc...) and desired layout, as required by each individual customer, in an intelligent and structured way.

With E-Invoicing you can use error-prone paper-based Invoice processes digital convert to efficient, elegant business documents in any file or format. The cost of manually processing paper documents is estimated at 26 EUR, but switching to a digital document could cost Savings of up to 90%.

E-Invoicing by Formpipe Lasernet offers the ability to support any global standard for E-Invoicing, including XML, EDIFACT, Chorus Pro and ZUGFeRD. Positioned between Dynamics and your financial solution, E-Invoicing generates electronic documents, which can also be easily created and adapted by non-IT-trained personnel.

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