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EDI Integrated Suite

​Connect seamlessly with your favorite brokers and trading partners for streamlined management


​What is EDI technology?

​Thanks to EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) technology, different business partners can exchange business documents between computers in a standardized electronic format. Below are some benefits of moving to an EDI platform that specializes in EDI integration:

Lower costs

Workflows that are automated

faster translation and transmission of documents

Less mistakes

smoother interactions between customers and partners.

Processing EDI orders is a common case of an EDI transaction during ongoing operations. EDI transactions contain important information for business exchanges.

Integrating Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with
Microsoft Dynamics 365

​Dynamics 365's Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration enables smooth module connections for improved communication.
Each of these modules is essential to company operations, and combining them with EDI improves productivity and accuracy across the organization. The individual integration modules could consist of:


Finance and Operations


Business Central


Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM)



Supply Chain Management


Inventory Management


Human Resources 

​Why should you integrate your Microsoft Dynamics 365 with EDI?

​Integrating Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers various advantages.


​EDI connectivity improves communication between your Dynamics 365 system and other companies. It automates the exchange of important documents such as orders and invoices, saving time and eliminating errors in human data entry.

​Improved collaboration

Regardless of the size or location of your trading partners, EDI integration enables seamless communication. It facilitates supply chain coordination, strengthens relationships with partners and increases overall productivity.

​Increased precision

​EDI integration reduces the possibility of human error often associated with manual data entry by automating data exchange. This improves accounting and leads to greater accuracy in your business transactions.


​Industry-specific standards and regulations regulate data exchange in retail. By avoiding fines and maintaining partner trust, EDI integration helps ensure compliance with these rules.

​Transactions are faster

​Compared to traditional techniques, EDI transactions can be processed and completed more quickly. This can result in faster payment processing, order fulfillment and general business operations.

​Flexibility in partner selection

​Thanks to the freedom that the integration of EDI with Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers, companies can take advantage of the advantages of their chosen partners and service providers by communicating with various EDI brokers and business partners.

​How Everware can help

​Everware has already done EDI integrations with D365, so we know exactly what is needed for long-term success. Because our proprietary API enables remarkable data transparency and ease of use, our all-inclusive service guarantees the easiest possible EDI implementation and operation. By working with our professionals, your company can enjoy the numerous benefits of automated document exchange without the headaches. Additionally, you can be confident that your EDI solution can vary depending on your business needs thanks to our modular, flexible solutions.

​Improve your EDI management to a new level.

​Speak to us and let us know what you need. See if Everware can take care of it!


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