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Benefit from efficiency and agility with Lobster's no-code ecosystem

Lobster transforms the way you work with state-of-the-art software solutions that effortlessly integrate your processes and data. Say goodbye to silos and hello to a more coherent approach to data integration and process automation. Our no-code platform simplifies implementation and allows anyone to bring new ideas to life without the need for coding knowledge. We offer a simple, secure and scalable digitalization experience that catapults your entire company into the digital age. It's not just aimed at IT professionals; It is for everyone who wants to advance digitally


​Lobster specializes in providing intuitive solutions for seamless data integration, process automation and state-of-the-art product information management (PIM). Boost your digital transformation with our three software products: Lobster_data, Lobster_pro and Lobster_pim.


Data Integration

​Lobster specializes in enabling seamless data transfer, ensuring information flows smoothly and accurately between systems. Our expertise in data integration ensures consistent and efficient exchange and forms the basis for your digital transformation.


Process Automation

​Lobster's automated processes demonstrate the power of optimized operations. Our solutions reduce manual bottlenecks, improving processes and overall efficiency. Lobster ensures automated processes are accurate and reliable, freeing up resources for more important goals.


Product Information Management

​Lobster is a leader in product information management (PIM), offering unique solutions for the successful centralization and management of product data. Our PIM products enable companies to maintain consistency across multiple channels, improve data quality and reduce time to market. Lobster's innovative PIM strategy helps you improve your product management skills.

​Why no code


​No-code digitization for rapid deployment

​No-code software solutions enable fast and intelligent digital transformation and offer an unmatched combination of flexibility and security. Benefit from simplicity and speed as no-code platforms use visual technology and pre-built components to enable configuration without the need for traditional programming.

Empower business users with no-code technology and turn them into citizen developers capable of building applications quickly. This strategy reduces the need for professional developers while encouraging teamwork and knowledge sharing.

No-Code adapts to your specific processes and systems and offers unmatched flexibility, pragmatism and adaptability. Achieve agility, scalability, and security by implementing business changes independently and incrementally. No-code technology can help you improve your digital strategy by making it simpler and more efficient.

​Why lobster integration?

​The ultimate advantage of digital transformation lies in the seamless connection of people, systems and objects. It's about integrating digital transformation into everyday operations.


​Share information digitally, both internally and externally, on-premises and in the cloud. Whether you choose a private cloud or iPaaS, investing in cross-system connections and secure communications is paramount.

Relieving the burden on professional developers via no-code technology and thus empowering employees


​Go beyond data collection; Instead, you process and visualize it to make informed decisions. Engage employees and partners to make digital transformation a reality and inspire passion for data integration, process automation and no-code solutions.

First-Rate Materials

Informationen über Ausrüstung, Produkte und Transport können von überall abgerufen werden. Eine durchgängig digital vernetzte Infrastruktur ermöglicht datengestützte Entscheidungen, schnelle Reaktionen und vorausschauende Planung. Der Aufbau von Verbindungen ist entscheidend für eine erfolgreiche und integrierte digitale Zukunft.

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