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Commerce Dynamics 365

​Deliver an exceptional shopping experience by integrating back-office, digital and in-store processes.

​Why D365 Commerce?

​Dynamics 365 Commerce offers a comprehensive omnichannel solution that combines back office, in-store, contact center and digital interactions. It is based on the popular features of Dynamics 365 Retail. Dynamics 365 offers an unparalleled commerce solution that integrates data, optimizes business processes and helps you personalize your customer experience - all on a smart, secure and adaptable platform.

​True support for multichannel commerce

​Use D365 Commerce for a single retail business solution that updates everything simultaneously across all your channels - from B2C and B2B eCommerce to store operations and customer service. The omnichannel approach ensures an individual customer experience.

​Uniform experience for customers

​To enable the next best approach to customer support, Dynamics 365 for Customer Support generates an interface tailored to provide tools, advice, and data in context across all your channels. Whether in person, online or by telephone – your employees can reliably respond to customer inquiries, identify upselling opportunities and make product suggestions. The customer service is easy to use and smooth.

d365 coerce integration wit Microsoft d365

Improved performance

​With Dynamics 365 Commerce, you can effectively manage the entire customer journey, deliver a tailored experience, reduce shipments, and increase profitability. Optimizing inventory levels in your stores and warehouses is made easier with inventory management tools and sophisticated order management. Your business can provide seamless support for in-store, mobile, BOPIS, BOPAC and eCommerce sales with unified data entities and business logic across all POS channels.

​Offer a personalized and accessible digital shopping experience:

​It is now possible to create AI-powered digital stores that are easier to operate and more effective, increasing consumer satisfaction and loyalty while increasing conversion rates. Improve the shopping experience you offer to meet increasing consumer demand.

​Strengthen your implementation with Everware Consulting

​Try Dynamics 365 Commerce if your business wants to increase sales, protect data from security breaches, and gain comprehensive insights for better decision making. This platform offers a wide range of choices including omnichannel selling, data-driven analytics, tailored customer experiences and unified commerce management to meet your unique needs.

Everware makes the most of D365 Commerce to provide its customers with benefits such as easy onboarding of new partners, customizable quantity thresholds, quick and easy access to financial records, easy and quick payment of sales invoices, and an integrated connection with Dynamics 365 Sales.


So start your incredible adventure of sales success with us now!

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